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SIGNIS World Congress 2022 to build peace in the digital world

SIGNIS World Congress 2022 was held to build peace in the digital world at Jeong Hasang Hall at Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea, from August 14–18. (Photo: Park Jai HEON)

The sixth SIGNIS World Congress (SWC) 2022 was held to build peace in the digital world at Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea, from August 14 to 18.

The main theme was "Peace in the Digital World."

SIGNIS is the World Catholic Association for Communication. As many as 96 participants from different countries all around the world, and 232 participants from Signis Korea, attended the event.

The purpose of the SWC was to raise awareness of the importance of peace in the backdrop of global wars and conflicts, and the culture of friction and hate in the digital world is seriously threatening the value of peace.

Moreover, the development of technology connects the world as a single community, increasing the ripple effect of the media and the influence of journalists.

At SWC 2022, participants explored the roles and tasks that journalists and media people must undertake to realize the common good of "peace" together with media people attending from around the world.

During the Mass, Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, former Archbishop of Seoul, South Korea, said, "Catholic communicators are God’s apostles, proclaiming and bearing witness to the truth. Therefore, to make good use of the media, which is God’s precious gift, the religious solidarity and roles of Catholic communicators are ever more vital."

"I believe this Congress will be an opportunity for global Catholic communicators to unite and seek alternatives for the future and peace as the apostles of Our Lord," he said.

"I hope that the SWC will act as a meaningful site for all of us to seek and share our hopes for the future. I feel confident that it will become a milestone that illuminates the true path for spreading the Gospel and heading towards a better world," said the cardinal.

RVA News talked with some of the delegates to find out how they found the SWC 2022.

Maria Victoria La Terza, communications and media specialist from Venezuela, a country on the northern coast of South America, said, "Being part of the SIGNIS World Conference 2022 has been an incredibly enriching experience, both for what it means for my professional career and because I have got to meet so many talented and inspiring people from around the world."

"Even if the main intention of the International Youth Forum was to bring together young people from around the world to talk about our experiences with digital evangelization," she said. "It also created a new family of international youth who are sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences and making incredible memories in Korea."

Stella Kim from Korea said, "I feel the strong commitment and enthusiasm as a Catholic communicator has to deliver peace in the world. I learned a lot during the study day sessions. It enlightened me to work as a good journalist and help the Church."

Orlando Sanchez Meneses, from Panama, a country in Central America, said, "We engage with media professionals and support Catholic communicators to help transform our cultures in the light of the Gospel by promoting human dignity, justice, and reconciliation, considering the valuable contributions that the Church gives us in a communicative key and new ways of evangelization."

The meaning of SIGNIS is a combination of the words "Sign" (referring to media and message), and "Ignite" (to light a fire) for the world's Catholic association for communication.

SIGNIS is a Vatican-accredited organization where Catholic lay journalists and communicators from around the globe working in the fields of TV, radio, film, journalism, the Internet, and media education come together.

Many attendees at these events stated that SWC 2022 helps them to live spiritually and professionally rich lives. Through the renewing power of the Holy Spirit, they can achieve peace in the digital world. - Nikhil Gomes 


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