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Facebook page of media outfit owned by self-proclaimed appointed Son of God disappears

The Facebook page of Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI) News, the mouthpiece of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy's The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, became inaccessible on Friday morning.

The page has 2.3 followers and more than 900,000 on Facebook.

In August, Quiboloy's Facebook was taken down. 

Quiboloy is facing sanctions by the US for serious human rights abuse.

Meta has confirmed that Quiboloy's Facebook page was taken down in line with its Dangerous Organizations and Individuals policy.

In June, YouTube removed Quiboloy's channel, and in July, YouTube took down the channels of SMNI News.

US prosecutors indicted Quiboloy and other church members on charges of sex trafficking in 2021. He was charged with forcing women to have sex with him.

Quiboloy allegedly threatened the women with eternal damnation and physical abuse.

Quiboloy was sanctioned by the US Department of Treasury and the Department of State for gross human rights abuses and corruption. He was accused of sexual abuse and the human trafficking of young girls within his religious group.

SMNI News has red-tagged individuals critical of the government.

Just recently, broadcast journalist Atom Araullo filed a P2 million damage suit against SMNI hosts who red-tagged him and his mother a number of times.


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