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Importance of Cardinals in Catholic Church

Pope Francis leads an “ordinary public consistory” for the approval of the canonization of seven new saints, at the Vatican May 3, 2021. (Credit: CNS photo/Vatican Media.)

The office of cardinal is of great prominence in the Catholic Church.
A cardinal is a consular or assistant to the Holy Father. They perform the link function in the Church at different levels. This is why the word cardinal is derived from the Latin word “Cardo” meaning hinges.  
They are the hinges around which life, especially administration in the Church revolves. 

There are three orders of cardinals in the Catholic Church: cardinal Bishops, cardinal Priests, and Cardinal Deacons. The most important order of cardinals is one of the Bishops. 
All cardinals are appointed for life. 

Cardinals are chosen by a special papal meeting called consistory. A cardinal works either in papal curia in Rome or at the levels of dioceses and Archdioceses across several regions of the globe. 

Cardinals form a college or group that elects the pope when the need arises in the Church. - Victor Ferrao 


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