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Indonesian Jesuit launches “Born to Fight,” a book about teachers

The cover of Born to Fight

The Kanisius Jesuit Foundation published "Born to Fight," a book about teachers and principals who have devoted their lives to helping children and fighting for the importance of values. 

The book was launched at the Yogyakarta branch of the Kanisius Foundation on November 29.

The book, which was edited by the Jesuit priest A. Mintara Sufiyanta, is a collection of essays written by teachers who are also the principals of the Kanisius Foundation in the Archdiocese of Semarang, Indonesia. 

Father Sufiyanta was quoted by as saying, "From the past to the present, teachers and school principals have dedicated themselves to serving children and fighting for the primacy of values for the future of the next generation of Indonesians."

The priest said that the struggle of Saint Ignatius Loyola, a Spanish soldier who fought French troops over the Pamplona fort, was the inspiration for Born to Fight.

"The school principal," said Father Sufiyanta, "apart from being a soldier, is also chosen to be the commander or leader of the soldiers who fight to win souls, that is, the souls of our children and young people."

"That is the power of love, the power of God's love, that works through and within the school principal|", said Father Sufiyanta,  adding that "God has chosen, called, and sent the school principal to be a leader who serves, has a burning heart, has a strong fighting spirit, and is faithful until the end to carry out the mission."

He added that the school principal, who has a fire in his soul and is indeed born (again) to fight, was "born to fight."

One of the people who reviewed the books, FX Catur Supatmono, said that books are the crown of a learner. Writing a book is the fruit of reading and reflection.

According to Supatmono, the power of Born to Fight lies in the principal's collaborative and enchanted approach to school leadership and service.

Furthermore, Supatmono reminded us that reflection is a bridge to action. When the principal thinks about the challenges he or she will face in the future as a leader, it's clear how professional the principal is as a modern leader.

"Today's teachers and students face challenges that can't be separated from the principal's role as a leader. These include the teacher's role as a learning designer, the teacher's role in helping students develop their critical thinking skills, and the teacher's role as a facilitator," said Supatmono.

Brother Frans Sugi FIC, who was also a reviewer of Born to Fight, thought that the book was very thought-provoking, inspiring, and full of experiences that school principals have had. 

“Born to Fight can be used as reflective material for teachers and school principals, not only in the Canisius environment,” said Sugi.

Born to Fight contains writings that are divided into three parts: Da Mihi Animas (Give Me Souls, Take Away the Rest), Amare et Servire, (In everything, love and serve the Lord), and Duc in Altum (put out into the deep).

The first part of the book, four essays, talks about the ideal figure of a school principal as a caring leader who puts personal relationships first, is an inspirational figure, and becomes a role model with the motto "Give me your soul."

In the second part of this book, which is made up of 26 articles, there are many inspiring stories about the challenges school principals face as leaders. This book is an inspiring story about being thankful, honest, willing to help, and not giving up.

In the third part of this book, which is made up of three writings, readers are asked to look at Catholic school leadership and servant leadership in more depth. -Kasmir Nema


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