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Nearly one thousand Indian students and teachers organize peaceful petitions to save Manipur

SAVE MANIPUR - Prayers from the young minds

792 students and 45 teachers and staff members from Fusco's Matriculation Higher Secondary School in T. Vadipatti, India, participated in a special prayer to save Manipur on July 7.

The purpose of the movement was to support the people of Manipur and pay tribute to the victims of the Manipur riot.

People in the state of Manipur have been suffering from communal disturbances that have been occurring for the past few months.

Through this prayer movement, the students expressed their feelings by sitting in the form of the slogan "SAVE MANIPUR", urging the Union Government to take immediate action to end the riots and bring peace to Manipur.

During this movement, they voiced their opinions regarding Manipur, which are summarized below.

  1. In Manipur, discrimination among the leaders affects the civilian people.
  2. People were suffering a lot from this violation.
  3. Many young and elderly people were killed by this hostility between religions.
  4. People were suffering without shelter and food.
  5. Many children lost their parents, and many parents lost their children.
  6. The Manipur riot is a conflict between the local tribes. In that time, more than 100 people have lost their lives and more than 1,000 have been injured.
  7. I was happy that our school had organized a prayer meeting for this cause. We, the Fusco students, prayed for the riots to end as soon as possible.

The school where the movement occurred, which has the motto Let's save humanity, let's appreciate human life, was founded as a primary school in 1988. As time passed, it evolved into a senior high school.

Fusco's Matriculation Higher Secondary School is named after St. Alfonso Maria Fusco, the founder of the congregation of Sisters of St. John the Baptist (CSSJB) and the school's proprietor.


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