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Social media activists in Indonesia aspire to be messengers of love for others

As the main topic of discussion at its annual meeting on May 30 in Toraja, Archdiocese of Makasar, Forum SIGNIS Indonesia anticipated that social media activists would serve as messengers of love for their fellow citizens, as Mirifica News report. 

"Social media activists should be messengers of the flame of love to many people," said Father Steven Lalu, the President of SIGNIS Indonesia. "With this media, we can rekindle the flame of love and become viral, but with positive values."

The World Catholic Association of Communication (SIGNIS), which oversees SIGNIS Indonesia, is a non-profit, Roman Catholic lay religious organization for practitioners in media communication, such as the press, radio, television, movies, videos, media education, the internet, and new technologies.

Father Lalu explained that "SIGNIS" derives from "ignis," which means fire. This indicated that the burning fire that needs to be disseminated is the fire of love. That is the responsibility of social media activists.

"The most important aspect of the SIGNIS Indonesia Annual Meeting is not the meetings themselves, but the meetings with one another, the sharing and telling of stories, and the joys and sorrows of spreading the word about social communication," said Father Lalu.

This annual meeting, which 30 members attended, aimed to feature various activities, such as seminars and audio-visual training, intending that SIGNIS members would continue this activity in their respective dioceses as they develop communication media work.

The coordinators' host welcomed the participants with cultural performances and a Toraja-inspired banquet. The ceremony of garlands and the presentation of regional cuisine to the participants contribute to the ambiance of brotherhood and closeness.

In his remarks at the opening ceremony, Father Lalu also expressed his satisfaction on behalf of the participants in Toraja and the welcoming ceremony's strong cultural values.

In his speech, the Episcopal Vicar of Toraja, Father Bartholomeus Pararak, expressed great pride that this national event was held on Toraja land. 

"We are overjoyed that priests and envoys can visit Toraja. This adds value to the SIGNIS Indonesia annual meeting," he stated.

He found the SIGNIS Indonesia conference a tremendous benefit. "This is a boon for us." He repeated this to participants and those who attended the welcoming ceremony. "Hopefully, the various activities in Toraja will run smoothly," he concluded.

Opening Mass of the Annual Members Meeting. (Photo: Mirifica News)

On May 31, the SIGNIS Indonesia meeting commenced with a Eucharistic celebration at the Holy Family spiritual pilgrimage site, Sa'pak Bayobayo Tana Toraja.

Father Pararak emphasized the significance of transparent communication in evangelization in his remarks.

"Effective communication requires candor. This is a unique opportunity because we can share ideas and information and provide mutual support, as Father Pararak explained.

Using communication media, he noted that effective communication is an asset for carrying out missionary duties in preaching. On social media, specific responsibilities must be carried out accurately.

"With the implementation of this activity, I feel significant," Pararak said in concluding remarks at the mass celebration. He wished that the spirit of preaching would remain adequately embodied in the media and that the importance of dialogue in living together would be recognized.


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