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Society of the Divine Word elects Fr. Anselmo Ricardo Ribeiro as Superior General

Fr. Anselmo Ricardo Ribeiro is elected as the superior general of The Society of the Divide Word.

The Society of the Divine Word (SVD) capitulars has elected Fr. Anselmo Ricardo Ribeiro to the office of the congregation's Superior General at their 19th General Chapter in Nemi, Italy on July 4.

Prior to his installment as a superior general, Rebiero served as Provincial Councillor in the Province of Brazil North. 

He also held the office of the Rector of Juiz de Fora Residence in Brazil. 

Ribeiro also served as Provincial Superior of the Province of Brazil North. 

He is also an Executive Committee member of the PANAM Zone, which covers 24 countries in North and South America. He is also currently a General Councillor in Rome.

Ribeiro joined the SVD in 1998. He made his first vow in 1999 and his perpetual vows in 2004. Ordained priest in 2005.

Just recently, Pope Francis invited the SVDs to champion peace and hope across the globe. 

Addressing the SVDs at the Clementine Hall in the Vatican, the pope called on the congregation to take action over conflicts and destructions worldwide. 

He called on the SVDs to join in the peace efforts, especially for the poor, suffering migrants, discriminated women, children, and people on the margins of society.

He also urged the congregation to keep awareness of oppressed people and harness creativity in preserving peace. 

“So many times in confusing situations, the Spirit takes the Church forward," Pope Francis said." Do not be afraid of conflicts."

He also cautioned the congregation to not create conflicts and not fear confusion as the Spirit could inspire in times of conflict and confusion. 

“In your case, consecration in accordance with your original charism confirms and strengthens those baptismal gifts and impels you to become committed witnesses in the various social and cultural settings where you find yourselves, ‘being prophetic hope for every culture,’” the pope said. 

Pope Francis commended the SVDs as "experts in inculturation."

He also invited the congregation to become “missionaries of synodality.”

The SVD was founded by Saint Arnold Janssen in 1875 in Steyl, Holland. It is a global congregation of priests and brothers known as Divine Word Missionaries. 

The congregation has almost 6,000 members on five continents, actively engaged in various ministries, including pastoral work, education, biblical apostolate, communication, justice, peace, and integrity of creation

The leading SVD countries of origin include Indonesia (1687), India (974), and the Philippines (457). 

Outgoing SVD Superior General Fr. Paulus Budi Kleden was recently named Archbishop of Ende in Indonesia.

Ribiero will serve as SVD Superior General from 2024 to 2030. 


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