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Bangladesh Catholic Church celebrates International Women’s Day

Catholic Church in Bangladesh observed International Women’s’ Day at Christo Jyoti Pastoral Centre in the diocese of Rajshahi on March 8. (Photo: Father Bablu C. Corraya)

The Catholic Church in Bangladesh celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD), at Christo Jyoti (Light) Pastoral Centre in the diocese of Rajshahi on March 8.

Diocesan Commission for Laity and CCP team combined to organize International Women’s’ Day.

The theme of this International Women’s’ Day (IWD) was "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality" 

More than 210 women, 1 Bishop, 3 Priests, 7 nuns, and 10 males from all over the dioceses of Rajshahi participated in the program.

International Women's Day is observed to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women from all around the world. The day also focuses on a call to action for accelerating gender parity and setting agendas and goals in achieving these targets.

Father Shishir Gregory, the Laity Commission's secretary, said: "Men and women are not treated equally in the modern technological era. When it comes to the payment of salaries, this issue becomes especially apparent."

"Today, women are making important contributions in the world of innovation and technology. As a result, we must make an effort to reduce the gender gap," said Father Gregory.

Bishop Gervas Rozario of Rajshahi diocese said in his opening speech, "that he too was born of a woman. There is no difference between men and women except biological differences."

Bishop Gervas Rozario spoke on International Women's Day. (Photo: Father Bablu C. Corraya)

"Women are now earning more than males while staying at home, owing to technology. Thus, he hoped that there would be no discrimination between men and women," said Bishop Gervas.

"In order to end discrimination against women in society, we must all work together. To educate, prepare, and grow girls into responsible women, we must collaborate," said Bishop

Director of Pastoral Centre, Father Bablu Corraya said, "Women need education, training and skills to move society forward. Men and women must walk together to contribute equally in all spheres. Demands in creating women entrepreneurs."

So, "let us men and women together build digital Bangladesh and be more liberal in using innovation and technology and ensure its proper use," said Father Corraya.

David Basky, the event's main speaker, said: "Now, it is frequently seen that the use of technology results in misunderstandings, disputes, and mistrust between men and women. Hence, the only approach to stop all of these biased behaviors is to utilize technology carefully."

Women's leader Costantina Murmu said, "Women are still being tortured at the family, society and national levels. In some social systems, especially in tribal society, women are not given equal rights to wealth from the family."

"It is very important to eliminate this discriminatory behavior by practicing equality of men and women from the family and forming an ideal family," said Murmu.

On International Women's Day, we stand with the international community in celebrating the tenacity, determination, and leadership of women and girls around the world and the immense contributions and accomplishments they achieve toward more peaceful and democratic societies. - Nikhil Gomes



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