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Bangladesh Church holds national news writing workshop for youth

The Episcopal Commission for Youth and Christian Communication Centre holds a national Christian writer's workshop at CBCB Centre, Mohammadpur in Dhaka, from January 26-28. (Photo by Ripon Abraham Tolentino)

The Episcopal Commission for Youth and Christian Communication Centre (CCC) in Bangladesh organized the 30th National Christian Writer's Workshop in Dhaka from January 26-28.

The workshop aims to encourage young Christians to develop skills in writing to be able to communicate with a wider audience.  

The activity carried the theme "Image of Christ in the Writer's Heart" and focused on youth involvement in the Church’s communication ministry, both in the traditional print platform and online.

Fifty-eight young writers from dioceses across Bangladesh participated in the activity, including college and university students who are interested in writing for newspapers.

Father Bikash Rebeiro, CSC, executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission for Youth, said the workshop aims to encourage the young generation to develop their writing skills.

"A writer lives among his readers. Writing is a kind of creation and is very much given by God. The juxtaposition of every word, sentence, and line makes a writer's composition fair," said the priest.

Participants practice how to write news stories. (Photo by Ripon Abraham Tolentino)

Bishop Emmanuel K. Rozario of Barisal Diocese, said "the most important thing for writing and journalism is the knowledge of responsibility for society, country, nation and people, sense of self-respect, honesty and empathetic attitude."

"Be a good Catholic youth writer in society, family, and country through your positive thinking and in writing true news and in avoiding fake news, and be good examples for others," said the bishop.

Father Bulbul A. Rebeiro, director of the Christian Communication Center, urged participants to work in the light of Christian values. - Nikhil Gomes


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