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Bangladesh: New parish declared in Rajshahi Diocese

St. Peter's Church at Koizai, Rajshahi Diocese, Bangladesh (Photo: RVA News)

Bishop Gervas Rosario of Rajshahi Diocese declared a new parish in Bangladesh on June 17.
The prelate inaugurated St. Peter's Church at Koizai and declared it a full-fledged parish.
Bishop Rosario, Advocate Jharna Gloria Sarkar, Member of Parliament, Member Central Committee Bangladesh Awami League, Member Parliament, Vicar General Emmanuel Kanon Rosario, William Murmu, parish priest of St. Peter Church and Catholics attended the event.
When guests arrived at the church grounds, they were greeted with the washing of hands as part of tribal tradition.
The new church building blessing ceremony began shortly after the Mass. Notable rituals included the blessing of water and sprinkling, sermons, hymns to saints, placement of relics on the altar, prayers for the establishment of the church, anointing of the altar with the holy oil and blessing of the crucifixion of the church, among others.  
On the same day, 36 children of the diocese received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
At the end of Mass, guests and people entered the hall, which is built on the second floor of the main building. The hall was inaugurated by Member of Parliament Jharna Gloria Sarkar.
The chief guest Sarkar in her speech referred to the church as a gift from God. She said, “This church and hall are great proof that God loves His children. Let them prove their love for God.” She thanked the bishop for gifting such a beautiful building.
Bishop Rosario said, “These buildings are proof that God is with us. People built the buildings with the local funds.”  
He added, "The construction of this building will be successful only when the people here call on God with a simple mind, reconciling and mobilizing themselves."
St Peter’s Church has been created by separating 3 villages from Good Shepherd Cathedral.
On January 3, 2016, Bishop Rosario declared the former Mushreel Technical School building a "St Peter's Quasi parish and Seminary.”
Father Paul Chechiri, a former pastor of the Cathedral, was the first to start the work of the Musharraf Cathedral.
In 2011, a technical school was started in the village of Mushrail under the management of PIME Brothers. But as there were not enough students, they handed over the entire technical premises to Rajshahi Diocese.
This initiative was taken to establish a church for the intensive pastoral care of Catholics and provide service to children.
At present, there are about 1240 Christians in three villages under St Peter’s Church. - Mary Anna/RVA Bengali 


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