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India: Believers in Christ face the Wrath of fellow villagers

Tribal families in Bhaisabod village, in Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh

A few tribal families in Bhaisabod village, in Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh state in India, face threats and violence because of their faith in Christ.

Eight families, consisting of around fifteen men, women and children, got attracted to Christian prayer and began practicing Christian way of life.

The fellow villagers, however, began to threaten them with dire consequences if they did not abandon their new-found Christian ways and return to their original tribal faith.

None of these eight families, however, have not yet converted formally into Christianity, but follow practices like evening prayer.

They said that they find peace in following the Christian way of life and prayer.

On refusing to give up their faith in Christ, they were beaten up with bamboo sticks and slippers and some houses were partially destroyed.

The victimized families have sought police protection as their fear for their lives.

According to the police, it is a matter of family disputes, which began when some members began to talk about their new faith in Jesus to others.

However, the local police have registered a case against the alleged persons and have promised stern actions.

But the members of the victimized family are in great doubt about any action being taken up by the administration.

Chattisgarh State Christian Welfare Society has demanded the arrest of the guilty persons. - Report by Atanu Das


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