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India: Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre observes Child rights week

Kolkata in India, Mary Ward Social Centre celebrates Children’s day at Basirhat village on November 14. (Photo: Supplied)

Kolkata in India, Mary Ward Social Centre observes Child rights week at Basirhat village on November 14, including specially-abled children.

The Chief Guests of this program were 10 specially-abled children and the purpose was the inclusion and equality of every child making them participate in the celebration to feel happy and important among other children on the first day of Child Rights Week.

The Program started with the commemoration of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, on his 134th Birthday. Nehru pioneered the inception of the Children’s Day celebration in India. 

Government Stakeholders Joint B.D.O of Basirhat Block-1, Shri Avijit Sinha, Second Officer of Basirhat P.S Shri Anup Kumar Ghosh, Officers from BSF Ghojadanga Check Post Shri Rajesh Gosai and Shri Shantanu Pal, Itinda- Panitor Panchayat Member Shri Noor Mohammad and Sangrampur- Shibhat Panchayat Upo-Pradhan Smt. Mamoni Das was present to encourage the children on this special day.

A football match was organized to engage them in outdoor activities for a few hours to channel their energy and power.

Children's Day was celebrated with football match in Kolkata, India

There were 80 children from 21 child clubs who participated in the celebration. 

The day was full of fun with different games and activities such as race, run, musical chairs games, dance, drama and cultural dance organized by the children themselves. 

All the guests encouraged the children for their future studies and appreciated the initiatives taken by them in their respective villages for the development of the communities, for the safety of the peer groups and become the voices for the injustice towards the violation of the child rights.

The children have been appreciated for putting forward their issues, demands, and recommendations to the different government departments to resolve the issues they face in the villages. 

On this platform, the child leaders also shared their good practices and their own initiative to help and support the village communities in different ways ensuring the child safety mechanism at the village level. 

Children's Day was celebrated with specially-abled children in Kolkata, India

The child leaders have identified the specially-abled children of their villages and have invited them to participate in the celebration along with their parents. Again it was a proud moment to see the child leaders taking initiative to include the children who are discriminated against by their families and societies.

The balloons games were conducted for them.  They were welcomed with a flower bouquet and nutritious food packets were given to them by the entire Govt. officers. 

At the end of the program, the winners of the games were given prizes by the government officers present during the event. 

The Government officers have appreciated and thanked (KMWSC) for the initiative of including the specially-abled children with respect and dignity to every individual.

The children felt important, happy and special in the communities to dedicate the entire day for them.

This was the first time the children included especially abled children with them to celebrate the day with social inclusion. 

The children felt important, happy and special in the communities to dedicate the entire day to them. -  Teresa Rozario


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