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Indonesian Bishop praises people’s ingenuity for improving economic welfare

Bishop Dominikus Saku with some mayors and government officials during the opening of creative economy exhibition in Atambua Diocese, Indonesia on August 29, 2022. (Photo supplied)

An Indonesian bishop harnessed his community's entrepreneurial skills to improve economic well-being.

Bishop Dominikus Saku opened a week of "creative economic exhibitions" in the Atambua Diocese on August 29 and appreciated it, saying it will help the community improve their economic welfare.

Atambua is the regency seat of Belu Regency in the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara.

"Atambua Diocese is holding its 10th exhibition event. The concept is only to attract the productivity aspect of finance. The creative economy exhibition is based on this fact," said Bishop Saku in his opening remarks.

Furthermore, he also said and invited people to learn more from other parties, including the government, to develop work and productivity.

"Let us build this place of ours and use the money to encourage, spur, and trigger business productivity that has value for empowerment," he added. 

Bishop Dominikus Saku visits religious stand during the ‘creative economy exhibition’.

The prelate also emphasized that Indonesia needs not only the Indonesia Health Card (KIS) and Indonesia Smart Card (KIP), but the community also needs the Indonesia Work Card (KIK).

In this regard, he calls on all stakeholders to think and walk together with the government because KIP is a big unfinished homework for Indonesia.

"We already have the Indonesia Health Card (KIS) and so on, and we do not pay much attention to the Indonesian Work Card (KIK). And the direction of this exhibition is to strive to improve the welfare of our lives through the community's entrepreneurial skills," he added.

According to the chairman of the committee, Father Leonardus Suk, this creative economy exhibition aims to improve the lives of the local people economically. This occasion is also expected to encourage and support people to build and develop their own resourceful and productive businesses.

Furthermore, he also explained that this exhibition involved the parishes of the Atambua Diocese and local government agencies.

Also attending the event was Dr. Agustinus Taolin, the Mayor of Belu as well as several other government officials.

Taolin appreciates the implementation of a week's exhibition. For him, productivity efforts must be supported by the government so that people will have more enthusiasm to grow and develop better. 

Bishop Dominikus Saku visits a handmade weaving stand during the ‘creative economy exhibition’.

It is hoped that the collaboration between the Church and the government will continue to be built for future economic development.

"Church and government cooperation must continue to be built, and people's economic productivity must be increased for their well-being," Taolin said.

The creative economic exhibition presents various resourceful products of local foods and other goods such as handmade weaving and religious articles that attract the interest of visitors.

The event is also interspersed with cultural nights with interesting treats and spoils the eyes of visitors. Emiliana Saptaningsih


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