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Myanmar Cardinal Bo and Bishop Noel Saw Nay Aye celebrate their anniversaries

Bishop Noel Saw Naw Aye (left) and Cardinal Bo (Right) (Photo by RVA Karen Sagaw)

Myanmar Cardinal and Auxiliary Bishop Noel Saw Naw Aye of Yangon Archdiocese celebrated their anniversaries at the Yangon Archbishop’s House on February 14.

February 14 was the 8th Anniversary of Cardinal Charles Bo as a Cardinal.

And on the same day, it was the second episcopal anniversary and the 54th Birthday of Bishop Noel Saw Naw Aye.

Cardinal Bo, the president of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conference (FABC), who has just turned 75has been a bishop for 32 years as and a priest for 47 years as Cardinal Charles Bo. He has been a shepherd in 7 dioceses in Myanmar.

“We are trying to be free of pride. We are trying to reach heaven where God is waiting for us,” the Cardinal spoke out on the day of his anniversary as a Cardinal.

Cardinal Bo and Bishop Noel offered their Thanksgiving mass on February 14 at 7:00 Am (Myanmar Time) at the Chapel of Archbishop's Residence together with priests and religious in the Archdiocese of Yangon.

At 5:30 pm, the diocesan priests prayed together with the two shepherds in Eucharistic Adoration.

Cardinal Charles Bo cuts his Anniversary Cake (Photo by RVA Karen Sagaw)

“The Anniversaries are not something that coincided, but it is the divine plan,” said Father Savarimuthu Nyan Myint in his homily on the occasion.

He insisted that both the shepherds are valuable to Yangon Archdiocese and to the entire Myanmar Church.

Cardinal Bo, the then Archbishop, arrived at Yangon Archdiocese in 2003. He convened the Archdiocesan Synods in 2004 and in 2014.

People remarked that Archbishop Charles Bo was a cheerful person.

The homilist praised the cheerfulness of the Anniversary celebrants.

He added that kindness is a language, even the deaf can hear. Being a virtuous person with benevolence is like a flower. Any such person shines before all the people, young or old, priest or religious, layman or laywoman.

Father Savarimuthu recalled the word of the Cardinal that 'the problems come, and the problems go'.

He stated, “If we are attentive to the problems, we will miss God. But if we are attentive to God, the problems will go away. We are to live with a smile.”

The homilist turned to Bishop Noel Saw Naw Aye and said that he was born on February 14, Valentine’s Day and he is one full of love.

Noting the generosity of the bishop, the priest said that giving is the cause of his joy.

Father Savarimuthu asserted, “Throwing a stone may reach a certain distance. Shooting a gun, the bullet will reach certain kilometers. Firing a rocket, the object will reach a certain number of miles. But giving out to the poor, that thing can bring the giver to heaven. Life of sacrifice is delicious.”

Bishop Noel Saw Naw Aye cuts his Anniversary Cake (Photo by RVA Karen Sagaw)

Bishop Noel said that he had never celebrated his birthday till 2003. He started to celebrate his birthday in 2004.

The bishop recalled the word of Cardinal Charles Bo who said to him that celebrating one’s birthday is not only for the birthday celebrant alone but it is also for all the people around us.

Bishop Noel noted that he felt the need to change some of his behavior.

He affirmed, “I pray for all my fellow priests, catechists, religious and all the faithful in my morning prayer daily.” - By Hubert Saw


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