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Myanmar Church organizes religious events for peace amid junta airstrikes

On May 6, youth from the Kalay diocese joined priests and nuns on a pilgrimage to seven churches to pray for peace in Myanmar. (Photo credit: RVA Chin Tedim Language Service)

As junta airstrikes terrorize Myanmar, Church officials have organized prayer brigades and religious gatherings to intercede for peace.

Braving artillery shelling and gunfire, the faithful regularly visit their parishes and grottoes to pray together to achieve peace and gain the courage to endure the hardships they are currently facing.

The Kalay Diocese, one of the worst affected dioceses in the country, organized a pilgrimage program wherein they visited seven Churches within Chin state and the Sagaing region on May 6.

In Loikaw town in Kayah state, the Christ the King Cathedral hosts rosary prayers every evening starting May 1. The Church houses hundreds of parishioners, including internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Across the country, numerous parishes are also praying the rosary, particularly this May, the month of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Since getting into power in February 2021, the military junta has been executing air strikes against civilians, with churches, convents, and old Catholic villages as the primary targets. 

Despite the claim that they are fighting against the People's Defense Forces, who threaten the military coup with an armed campaign, the military junta still attacks predominantly Christian regions, such as Chin, Kayah, Kachin, and Karen states.

In the first week of May, a Baptist Church in Chin State was struck by aerial bombing, and a military airstrike damaged a Catholic church in the Pekhon Diocese.-Luke Godoy


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