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Sri Lankan Cardinal urges Catholics to build new Sri Lanka in 2023

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith of Colombo Archdiocese

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith urged the Colombo Catholic community to embrace their brothers and sisters wholly to build the New Sri Lanka.

Cardinal Ranjith of Colombo Archdiocese addressed a New Year video message to the Christian Community in Sri Lanka.

In response to these recent economic disasters, he called on Sri Lankans to unite and rebuild the country.

"Even though it has been 75 years since Sri Lanka gained independence, today, we are slaves of the world," according to Cardinal Ranjith.

He asserted that if the current system continues, the country may be destroyed, degraded economically, and lost. He believed that the people of Sri Lanka shouldn't let it happen.

Towards recovering from the devastation caused by this massive catastrophe, the cardinal encouraged the people of Sri Lanka to work together courageously and selflessly.

According to the prelate, progress in Sri Lanka is not where it should be, as several countries that also gained independence with Sri Lanka are far ahead of it.

The cardinal remarked that the "country has fallen into a position of being one of the poorest countries in the Asian region due to the destructive choices and extremist activities of its leaders."

"The poor are not just poor externally, but they are also poor internally, and because of difficult economic conditions, many people have experienced hopelessness," he said.

Cardinal Ranjith said that 2023 should be the "year to love Sri Lanka." - By Anbu Selvam


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