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Vietnam priests offer dignified homes for unborn children

Fetal Park Cemetery (Photo by Bui Thuan)

According to the report of Unicef, Viet Nam SDGCW 2020-2021, there are 4.7 per 1000 women for the general abortion and the ratio of the abortion is 68 per 1000 at live birth in Vietnam. 

Hanoi is the highest rate of abortion with 296.9 per 1000 live births. The Fides news said, based on the recent statistic, about 300,000 abortions are happening in Vietnam every year. Most of them are unmarried young girls between 15 - 19 ages. 

In Vietnam, many volunteer groups collect silently the remains of the fetuses for a decent burial. 

Among them, Father Joseph Nguyen Van Tich was famous for this work. 

Father Van Tich was awarded an honorable medal by the second most well-known Vietnamese Newspaper “Thanh Nien” of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for his humane work with the title of “Father of the unborn children.” 

Father Van Tich replied, on the reception of the award, "It is a work that is only for the glory of God." 

In 2011, Father Van Tich, the chaplain of the Life Protection Group of the diocese of Xuan Loc (in Dong Nai province, Vietnam), could establish a cemetery for the unborn children with a space of 100 m2. Until now, there are over 5,3000 unborn children in that cemetery. 

The Life Protection Group buried about 700 unborn children on average every month. In the cemetery of unborn children, the Catholics prayed and asked for God’s pardon for abortion practice.

Since 2011, Father Van Tich collected the remains of the unborn children from the hospitals, and clinics to bury them in dignified burial. 

The priest recalled his first experience of collecting the remains of the unborn children. He had to introduce himself and explain his intention to the doctors and nurses.

"I am a Catholic priest, I believe that fetuses are human beings; I do not condemn, do not judge, nor blame anyone. I just want to receive the aborted fetuses to bury them. Let me take them, please." 

There were two funeral Masses at the Church of Thai Ha, Hanoi Archdiocese. Father Francis Nguyen Kim Phung said at the funeral Mass for 22 fetuses, "Abortion is murder; it is a grave sin and an offense to God. Every day, many children are deprived of the right to life, of the right to grow as human beings."

"In particular, we Catholics must be aware that pregnancy is a gift granted by God," Father Francis added.

Father Joseph Nguyen Van Huu said at the funeral mass for 24 unborn children, "Many people are not aware that the embryo is already a human being, therefore they abort too easily.” 

The cemetery of the unborn children (Photo courtesy of

Life Protection Group buried the fetuses in the parish cemetery of the Church at Thai Ha, Hanoi Archdiocese, Vietnam. 
A few weeks ago, “Protection of Life Group” from Thai Ha Church walked with the message of “Give love. Do not sow death. Protect life.” This raised awareness to promote the protection of life among the people, particularly young women.

The group wanted to promote the “awareness that abortion is an evil that is increasing dramatically,” and to give the message that “the protection of life is the responsibility of all members of society.”

The group is raising funds to help pregnant women so that they may not have abortions, especially those who are economically difficult. They provide them with their physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. - With inputs from Patrick Soe Htun


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