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Young media professionals encouraged to produce movies in the interest of society

Bangladesh Rajshahi City held a pre-production filmmaking workshop for media workers to create movies with public interest at Hotel Mukta International, Rajshahi, on February 24-26.
Bangladesh Rajshahi city held a filmmaking workshop for young media workers of different religions on February 24-26, 2022. (Photo: Joy C. Biswas)

Bangladesh Rajshahi City held a pre-production filmmaking workshop for media workers to create movies with public interest.

The center for communication and development (CCD), with a knowledge partner, Rajshahi University, came forward to promote the shared cultural heritage in Bangladesh.

The CCD and Rajshahi University organized a pre-production filmmaking workshop for media workers to create movies in the good public interest. The event was held at Hotel Mukta International, Rajshahi on February 24-26.  

“Determining the purpose behind a film can be trickier, but it is equally vital in interpreting the film's historical role. The primary purpose behind most commercial films was to make a profit, and any film that wanted to attract and keep an audience had to be appealing and entertaining,” said Mohammad Touqir Islam.

Mohammad Touqir Islam, Filmmaker Footprint Film Production, spoke on the pre-production, script picking, hiring HODs, casting, crew hire, creative planning for a good film. 

Mohammad Touqir Islam shared his own experience and difficulties in making a movie or film, overcoming those problems, and producing a good movie.

"Pre-production is an essential stage of any film project. It includes all the brainstorming and planning that happens before cameras start rolling. From developing a concept, exploring the look of your film, storyboarding scenes, and much more," said Md. Touqir Islam.

Amit Rudra, the Executive Producer of Footprint Film Production, explored the know-how of making a budget for the production.

Amit Rudra said, "the present generation should come forward and disseminate all the information using media to preserve the culture of the country, highlighting the various information and problems of the country."

Father Sunil Daniel Rozario, director of Online Radio Jyoti in Rajshahi diocese, welcomed the young generation. 

"Those who will be able to make religious documentaries and films on various issues of the Church. Which will be a good asset for the church", said.

Father Daniel Rozario hopes that Christians who will produce religious documentaries and films on church issues will become a good asset.

"The youth should come forward in all these activities, take benefit of all kinds of opportunities,” the priest said.

Ayon, one of the participants, stated that he had gained knowledge on film production, which can even be applied in the workplace. He hopes that the training will help people do better in the future.

Another participant Afsana Jahin expressed gratitude towards the organizers.

Pre-production is completely new to me, and I have learned it with great interest because there are many unknown things that I didn’t know before, still there are many things left to learn," said Afsana Jahin.  


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