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Showing others how Christians live and love

Here is the story of a young boy who volunteered to work in a quarantine center the Archdiocese of Yangon in Myanmar. His name is Emmanuel David from Fatima Church. 

“I saw a post on social media calling on young people to be volunteers in a COVID-19 quarantine center. I freely decided and voluntarily submitted my application form to help the center.

“I know it is very dangerous and risky. Since my childhood, if something happens around, I always want to do something. I want to help in any way that I can as much as possible.
“That is my nature and attitude, so when this pandemic affected my country, I didn’t think much, I just decided to be part of the volunteer team to help those in need.

“My parents allowed me to do so. My father told me to be a good helper, to serve others, to do good for others and for God, but also to come back after that. 

“It was a great encouragement for me. I always have phone contact with my family. They support me and send everything that I need in the center.”

“I knew that it is a risky task, so what I did before going to the center was to go to church and received the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Holy Communion, and anointing. 

“In this way I prepared for my soul and put everything in the hand of God.

“We were given careful instructions by the doctors. There are other volunteers from different parishes in my diocese.”

Experience as volunteer

“Most of the people under quarantine are those who come from foreign countries. They were asked to stay inside their individual rooms.

“For our protection, we wore PPE. There were very few volunteers, so we were divided into two groups. One group works in the morning up to noon and the other group in the afternoon up to the evening.

“We distribute food, clean the corridor, collect the garbage, spray disinfectant, clean the toilet. 

“When someone comes in to give something, we receive it without direct contact with them. 

“Those in quarantine are not allowed to go out of their rooms, so we help them. 

“There were three coronavirus positive persons in the place where I served. We were so worried because we could be effected. 

“I joined an online adoration for one hour every day. I prayed for strength and protection from God.

“I worried for my family members that I might bring home the virus. That is my feeling after my voluntary service. I heard that some volunteers were not allowed to enter their village. 

“People were afraid of them and their family members were also afraid to accept them back home. 

“My family welcomed me but I have to be careful in everything.”

His message to other young people: “We need to join our hands together and help others. Not only during this crisis but all the time. It is a great chance to show others how Christians live and love.”


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