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Are you still a child?

August 13, Saturday, 19th Week in Ordinary Time
Ezekiel 18:1-10, 13b, 30-32 and Matthew 19:13-15

There are no adults in heaven… only children.

There are only few instances in the bible when Jesus got angry with His disciples and it happened when they missed what really matters in His ministry – that is to lead people to Him.

This is what the gospel is trying to elucidate to us today. Jesus’ mission or ministry is about leading people to Him that we may be one with Him. The mark of a baptized is to be a missioner of Christ by being an instrument of communion, participation and mission into whatever context he belongs.

Today, people are disconnected because of indifference, secularism and materialism. When we try to fulfill our whims and desires with whatever we can possess, the more that we feel empty. This is what we call “adulting”, the one who goes through it we call an “adult” – someone who tries to direct one’s life by one’s own.

Today’s gospel tells us to be otherwise. We are to be like a “child” – someone who is dependent on Jesus to direct his or her life. This will surely lead us to the right path of our journey.  If there is one thing sure in life, it is to live according to the guidance of Christ.  

We have to remember though that we are not meant to walk on the right path alone. We have a mission. Our life is a mission to lead others to the right path too. How? That by living like a child: obedient to God’s will, practicing charity, meekness and patience, we are touching and inspiring others to do the same.

As we belong to a church, we are to journey as a community. This means that we are to be concerned for others and not just our own salvation. After all, Jesus died for us all and not for a single person.

Remember, there are no adults in heaven… only children. Amen. 


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