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God himself will give all that we lack

November 5, Saturday, 31st Week in Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: Philippians 4:10-19; Gospel: Luke 16:9-15

Jesus' words in the gospel today are kind of scandalous when he says, to make friends with tainted money. It is difficult to accept these words of Jesus, but the moral lesson that Jesus is teaching us through this passage is:

Firstly, money is for "good use," meaning we must use our money to do good to better our lives.

Secondly, money is not just for our own good but also for doing good to others.

Third, money or wealth should not be an impediment to right living, but rather a means or instrument for making our lives peaceful and stable.

Jesus's second moral lesson is that we should think about putting together the four cardinal virtues that will lead us to eternal life. We daily struggle to meet our needs, but as true believers in Christ, we must not forget mercy and compassion toward others.

The third moral lesson is that we cannot serve both God and money. We must choose one. We have many great examples of the bankruptcy of great people and billionaires who were rich but finally left this world carrying nothing in their coffin or pier but just a shroud to cover their naked bodies.

Our ultimate wealth is stored up in heaven: eternal life. Are we losing it because of enslavement to something other than God? Jesus wants those of us who want to follow him and live by what he teaches to give him our full attention.

Are we ready and willing to accept his challenge?


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