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Intimate and loving friendship

May 28, Saturday, Sixth Week of Easter
Readings: Acts 18:23-28; John 16: 23b-28.

Jesus intimately knows us, and he desires for us to know him. Jesus extends to us an invitation to a close and loving friendship.

As we are preparing to celebrate our Lord's Ascension into heaven this Sunday, today’s Gospel leaves us with some very loving farewell words of Jesus. Jesus tells his disciples, "I came from the Father and have come into the world." Now, I am leaving the world and going back to my father."

Jesus is sharing his most precious mystery: that God the Father is his origin and, at the same time, his destination.

Jesus is the Son of God. This Divine filiation of Jesus also reminds us of another important thing for our lives: those baptized into Christ are sons and daughters of God through the Holy Spirit.

Consequently, those who have been accepted into the great Divine Family are no longer strangers to it. To those who believe, God is the Father. And thus, Jesus tells his disciples:
"Whatever you ask the Father for in my name, God will give to you." We shall undoubtedly receive it if we ask the Father through Jesus with faith.

The central key of Jesus’ instruction is that we need to ask in Jesus’ name. What does it mean to "ask in Jesus’ name?" Jesus knows us intimately, and he wants us to know Him. Jesus invites us into an intimate and loving friendship.

Jesus doesn’t want us to come to Him only when we need something from Him. Instead, Jesus desires for us to go to Him simply because we love Him and want to be with Him. This truly is what love and friendship are about.

Let us reflect on ourselves. Do we desire an intimate friend who loves us unconditionally and wholeheartedly, a friend who will stay with us no matter how many times we disappoint Jesus?

Let us always ask in Jesus’ name, pray in his name, and speak with humility.


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