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Nothing can stay forever

November 17, Thursday of the 33rd Week of Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: Revelation 5: 1-10, Psalm 149: 1-6, 9, Luke 19: 41-44

Our lives are very short. We want to accomplish everything in our lives with our abilities. But we cannot do it. We need the help of God and depend on Him. He is everlasting, and His loving grace is forever.

Today's reading teaches us to be humble and surrender ourselves to God's hands. Nothing is everlasting. Jesus is crying to see the beautiful city of Jerusalem because of its future condition.

The city was destroyed by the enemy. But the people are not able to understand it. They were proud of their capabilities and qualities. But human beings are limited and have some limitations. With these limitations, we cannot know the future or the mind of God. Our lives are also temporal in this world.

We need to be aware of ourselves and our work. We have to offer ourselves to God with faith and live a meaningful life.

Today, each of us can try to be people of peace, love, generosity, and gratitude on purpose. This will have an impact on our world even if we don’t "see" it! And if we strive to do this, we will also be changed, and in this way, we can make a difference!

Let us believe in God with great devotion and understand the plans of God for our lives.


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