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By respecting creation, we honor the Creator

January 27, Third Friday in Ordinary Time
First Reading: Hebrews 10: 32-39; Gospel: Mark 4: 26-34

From the Old Testament to the New Testament and from Saint Augustine to Pope Francis, Scripture and Tradition have consistently taught that God is revealed in the beauty and mystery of nature. Throughout his public ministry, Jesus used images from the natural world to teach the people about the kingdom of God.

In these days, it often seems that nature is at war with humankind. Around the world, climate change has increased desertification and flooding, increased the strength and frequency of hurricanes and typhoons, and made earthquakes and wildfires more common. While we do not worship the natural world, we do see it as a gift of God. Through it, we can see the hand of the Creator. We need to treat it as a gift, taking care to live lightly on the earth, to use resources with care, sharing them with those in need. By respecting creation, we honor the Creator.


Radio Veritas Asia (RVA), a media platform of the Catholic Church, aims to share Christ. RVA started in 1969 as a continental Catholic radio station to serve Asian countries in their respective local language, thus earning the tag “the Voice of Asian Christianity.”  Responding to the emerging context, RVA embraced media platforms to connect with the global Asian audience via its 21 language websites and various social media platforms.