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The Spirit of Truth

May 25, Wednesday, Sixth Week of Easter
Readings: Acts 17:15, 22-34; John 16: 12-15

Jesus promises us, just as he did with his disciples, that his Spirit will not only come to us but is already among us.

When you have a special day with your family or friends, after you haven’t seen them for a long time or come from a great trip, you have many things to tell them. You want to explain everything, but you don't have enough time.

This is what happened to Jesus. He says, "I have much more to tell you."

Jesus tells his best friends, the disciples, that when they have the Spirit of truth—that is, the Holy Spirit—they will preach fearlessly all over the world, with spectacular enthusiasm, and that they will have a great life with him.  

With this, he does not say that we do not have problems but that we face them in another way since everything is possible with the Spirit of God.

The Spirit makes everything new, unmasks our fears, changes our lives, and helps us love those we find challenging to love.

All this is what the Spirit communicates and proclaims—a new life where the meaninglessness that we can live is faced with the Spirit of the Lord.

Just as Jesus assured his disciples, Jesus assures us that His Spirit will not only come to us but is already among us. At the breaking of the bread, Jesus comes to us. And when we, his followers, are gathered together, Jesus is with us and among us.

The Spirit of Truth will help us recognize what is false in our lives while giving us the necessary courage to get rid of it. The Spirit will light up our hearts to remember whatever is authentic inside us. The Spirit of Truth will open our hearts and lives and make us strong to live the Gospel, thereby giving testimony to others.

Today, may our minds and hearts be awake and alert to his presence, love, and grace. May we be faithful disciples of Jesus.


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