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We cannot obey God unless we listen to the Holy Spirit

 April 28, Thursday of the Second Week of Easter
Daily Readings: Acts 5: 27-33, Gospel: John 3: 31-36

The first reading and the gospel passages refer to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is given to every one of us to follow God (Acts 5:32), and this Spirit is freely given to us (John 3:34).

Each of us is endowed with the Holy Spirit, yet many would instead follow people (authority) than God, even if it means violating our conscience.

What is occurring around us, what is happening to our mother planet, really hurts us all. The conflict itself diminished the value of human life. Human greed contributes to climatic issues, hunger, poverty, and social injustice, particularly in developing countries.

We may wonder if the Holy Spirit is still active in our world today through people. Humans have a natural inclination to listen to and follow those in authority over God.

Worldly obedience is mainly based on convenience, security, safety, economics, power, and comfort. In the meantime, God is only used as a "cover" for human rottenness.

These biblical readings teach us to pay closer attention and identify the Holy Spirit's presence inside us because the Spirit lives within us.

We cannot obey God unless we listen to the Holy Spirit. Let us increase our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's presence and listen to it. Let us express our gratitude for God's blessings upon us via His Spirit.


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