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Pope Francis sends a heartfelt video message to a 17-year-old girl with a serious illness

Pope Francis prayed for the good health of a 17-year-old Portuguese girl through a video message who suffered from a serious illness on June 23.

Edna wrote the Pope a letter expressing her regret for not being able to attend World Youth Day this year in Lisbon, despite having registered. The young girl deeply desired Pope Francis.

“When I heard that [World Youth Day] would be held in Portugal, I was very happy, because every time I saw the pope speak on television, I felt well, as if I had no illness that would prevent me from participating in World Youth Day," she wrote in her letter.

Edna added that she wanted to meet the Pope to tell him “how important he is to her and her family.”

A severe illness has plagued the teenager for eight years, and she has no idea how long she has left to live.

She wrote, “The doctor said he did not know when I would meet Jesus, but it will happen soon.”

 In response to Edna's letter from the hospital, the Pope sent a video message to her.

The Pope said, “Edna, I received your letter; thank you! Thank you for your tenderness and thank you for the peace in your heart.”

He added: “This peace is like a seed planted in the hearts of all of us who see you and talk to you. Thank you! I accompany you on this journey that you are making. I accompany you and I know you will be well received. I accompany you by praying for you, praying with you, and looking at Jesus, who always waits for us. Thank you!”

In her letter, Edna asked for the Pope’s prayers. In his video message, he asked her to keep him in her prayers.

“And now I give you my blessing so that it may also give you strength on this journey,” he concluded.

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