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Discover ‘Greatness of Spirit’: Celebrating 65 Years of the Ramon Magsaysay Award

Ramon Magsaysay Awardees gathered for a group photo during the Greatness of Spirit Book Launch last November 12 at The Constellation, Diamond Hotel Manila.

IN THE PHOTO (from top-left corner, clockwise): Watchdoc Media Mandiri, 2021 Awardee Organization represented by Edy Purwanto and Dandhy Laksono; Tseten Samdup Chhoekyapa, representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, 1959 Awardee; Bezwada Wilson, 2016 Awardee; Steven Muncy, 2021 Awardee; Ven. Pomnyun Sunim, 2002 Awardee; Harish Hande, 2011 Awardee; Khursheed Khurody, granddaughter of Dara Khurody, 1963 Awardee; Korvi Rakshand, 2023 Awardee; Antonio Oposa Jr., 2009 Awardee; Dr. Christopher Bernido, 2010 Awardee; Mushtaq Chhapra, Director and Co-founder of The Citizens Foundation (TCF), 2014 Awardee Organization; Kulandai Francis, 2012 Awardee; Muhammad Amjad Saqib, 2021 Awardee; Eugenio Lemos, 2023 Awardee; Roberto Ballon, 2021 Awardee; Dr. Bernadette Madrid, 2021 Awardee; Lilia de Lima, 2017 Awardee; Dr. Firdausi Qadri, 2021 Awardee; Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, 1972 Awardee, Sr. Eva Fidela Maamo, 1997 Awardee; Kommaly Chanthavong, 2015 Awardee; Cecilia B. Garrucho, President of the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), 2017 Awardee Organization; and Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, 2023 Awardee.

In commemoration of the 65th Anniversary of the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Asia’s premier prize and highest honor, the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation (RMAF) is proud to present "Greatness of Spirit: Stories of Love, Courage, and Service," a book series that spans approximately 2,500 pages, filled with condensed biographies, anecdotes, and interesting facts about the Magsaysay Awardees and their transformative work.

Additionally, it features a collection of over 1,500 photographs and more than 300 illustrations. Additionally, it bestows upon the reader inspirational "messages to the youth" from selected Magsaysay Awardees, serving as beacons of wisdom and motivation.

A book launch took place at The Constellation, Diamond Hotel Manila. Over 30 Magsaysay Awardees who had gathered in Manila for the 65th Ramon graced the event, which attracted a diverse audience.

Magsaysay Awards Festival Week. Notable guests from the education, business, development, and diplomatic sectors were also present.

The launch program featured live readings of Laureates’ messages to the youth and the Greatness of Spirit Book Series trailer premiere, providing a unique insight into this exceptional collection.

A Unique Initiative

"Greatness of Spirit: Stories of Love, Courage, and Service" comprises seven meticulously crafted volumes to commemorate and share the impactful stories and wisdom of the Magsaysay Awardees, with the ultimate goal of igniting the spirits of future generations.

These remarkable individuals come from diverse fields such as entrepreneurship, nation-building, arts, journalism, music, banking, community building, poverty eradication, and rehabilitation. Their extraordinary vision, philosophy, and work have provided innovative solutions to the challenging problems faced by Asia.

In a world often shadowed by adversity, these Laureates emerge as beacons of inspiration. Through their words and deeds, they exemplify the boundless potential of human endeavor, serving as a resounding reminder of their steadfast determination to change their communities and Asia for the betterment of humankind.

Unlike the previous biographies that the Foundation has published, this book series distills the experiences of all 348 Awardees into a single compilation, framing their remarkable journeys within the intricate tapestry of challenges and issues spanning the decades.

Volumes 1 and 2 explore the Foundation's early years, the Award program’s development, and the establishment of its Asian identity with recipients like the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa. Volume 3 features advocates for human rights education and technology during a time of authoritarian rule and democratization. Volume 4 delves into a transformative global era, with Laureates contributing to humanity.

In volume 5, a diverse group of Laureates are highlighted, addressing issues like poverty and inequality that persisted during the rapid globalization from the 1990s to the 2000s. Awardees featured in Volume 6 work to address the challenges brought by climate change. Volume 7 shows how the greatness of spirit unfolded in the years before, during, and after the pandemic.

The narratives of Magsaysay Awardees serve as a unifying bridge between generations. They resonate with the older generation, evoking memories of their past challenges and achievements. At the same time, these stories ignite the younger generation's passion to make a positive impact on society.

In a world that's constantly changing, these ageless stories highlight enduring values like empathy, compassion, and the pursuit of the common good. They not only bridge generations but also nurture a shared vision for a better future.

Emily Abrera, Trustee of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

A Source of Inspiration and Hope

Among the many activities of RMAF to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Award, creating valuable knowledge products, such as the Greatness of Spirit Book Series, ensures that the stories of the Laureates endlessly carry on. This authoritative compendium beautifully encapsulates the journeys of Magsaysay Awardees from 1958 to 2023, offering a wellspring of inspiration and hope to all its readers.

Dr. Cielito Habito, Trustee of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

How You Can Show Your Support

Join us in our mission to share these books with libraries and communities across Asia. Together, let's kindle hope and inspiration through the remarkable stories and causes championed by our laureates.

As we celebrate our 65th anniversary, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact by contributing a minimum amount of PHP 65,000 or USD 1,200. Proceeds will go towards developing the Magsaysay Laureate Library and Museum, which will eventually support smaller libraries across the Philippines and Asia.

In return for your support, you will receive a complete set of the GOS book series. You can add it to your personal collection or donate it to a school, library, or organization of your choosing.


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