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The Christmas Hangover

December 29, Thursday, The Fifth Day in the Octave of Christmas
Daily Readings: 1 John 2:3-11 ; Gospel: Luke 2:22-35

While still within the spirit of Christmas, moving from its peak reflecting on the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we begin to grow deeper into the story of the mystery of the incarnation of our saviour. Let me call it a necessary hangover for the season.

While hangovers in a very literal sense remind us of a regretful evening of intoxication and merrymaking we dwell on the necessary effects of the Christmas hangover which is the complete opposite of the former. In a way, it’s an intoxication from the most joyful event in the history of creation and this time, there are no regrets at all, for its all about the most significant act of love initiated by God himself.

Let us think back about the gifts we have received from God this season of Christmas. After two years of the pandemic and its lockdowns I do hope that this time around we could open our hearts and go all out in following the light of the saviour. To free ourselves from the unnecessary emotional and spiritual lockdowns, to truly be in the spirit of the Lord’s nativity, for the birth of the Lord is all about the freedom that he also brings to those in the captivity of this world’s darkness.


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