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Forgetfulness Ushers Sin

April 7, Thursday, 5th Week of Lent
Genesis 17:3-9 / Psalm 105, Gospel John 8:51-59

The readings speak of covenants that transcend generations, including those yet to be born. What a reassuring thing to know when most of what we hear today is broken promises and broken hopes.

The first reading (Genesis 17:3-9) tells us of the covenant between God and Abraham. You see, a covenant involves two parties. Here, God promises forever to Abraham and tells Abraham that he and all his descendants have to keep this covenant. Such a covenant then covers all of us. While Psalm 105 tells us how the Lord remembers his covenant forever, have we, on our part, remembered it?

The Gospel (John 8:51–59) tells us how the Jews have forgotten the covenant. I say they have forgotten because they failed to recognize Jesus, the very face of God. They were already face-to-face with God incarnated, yet they did not recognize him. Worse, they even threw stones at him.

When asked about who he was, Jesus answered, "I AM." But the Jews have forgotten that it is by the same name that God called himself. Yes, they have failed because of their disbelief.

So too, do we often forget our covenant with God? When we get sidetracked by so many concerns, we forget. We forget to live our faith. This is why we fall into sin.

Forgetfulness ushers in sin. Each time we do not recognize God or refuse to recognize him, we sin. Have you seen what the Jews did? They stoned Jesus. So do we stone him each time we sin?

What, then, is the antidote to forgetfulness? It's thankfulness. A grateful heart remembers, and when we remember, we are moved only to do what is good. When we are grateful, all our hearts desire to give praise and give back to God by reaching out to the least, lost, and last. This is our way of keeping true to the covenant–a covenant of love.


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