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The Nature of Prayer

June 2, Friday of the Eighth Week of Ordinary Time
Daily Readings: Sirach 44: 1, 9-13; Gospel: Mark 11: 11-26 

Praying is more than just bending your head and closing your eyes; it is about people's relationship with their God. Prayer is a form of communication and humility, and it has power.

Prayer is a vast force born of the human mind and intellect. As a result, Jesus taught about prayer, saying, "All that you ask for in prayer, believe that you will get it, and it shall be yours."

Is prayer, however, limited to requests? No. This is demonstrated by what Jesus said, "When you rise to pray, forgive anybody against whom you have a grievance..." We desire to forgive those who wronged us and unite in God's presence. Jesus established the reality of repentance.

To communicate peacefully with God, sincerity and leanness of the heart are essential. Cleanliness of heart, composed of honesty and unwavering trust, will give birth to immense strength, which may be represented as, or by analogy, "uprooting a tree and planting it amid the sea," which means making the impossible possible.

Have you prayed with sincerity? Have you expressed regret and requested forgiveness for all of your transgressions? Have you prayed to God with solid confidence and trust?


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