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Sow the Seeds of Goodness

September 17, Saturday of the Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time
1 Cor 15:35–37, 42–49 • Ps 56:10c–12, 13–14 • Lk 8:4–15

“Reign of God will continue despite apparent failure, rejection, or hindrance.”

We sometimes wonder how much of what we do and say will be fruitful or will make a difference. We tend to be anxious about the results of our action. We find it difficult to accept failure. Parents, teachers, and priests wonder how much of the teachings they impart will be received and bear fruit in the lives of those to whom their message is directed – whether children, students, or parishioners.

In our gospel today Jesus tells the parable of the farmer that sows seeds in his farm. Our attention is often focused on the type of soil the seeds are sown in, which we interpret as the kind of people who hears the message. Not all the seeds fall on good soil yet they grow and bear bountiful fruit in those who receive these. We can expect that the message will be received by people in their own different ways depending on their circumstances.  What is surprising is that the reign of God will continue to grow and spread in spite apparent failure, rejection, or hindrance.

This assures us that there is no need to worry about the results of our efforts, especially in carrying out the task that the Lord has given us. Whatever good that we do through our words and acts, will not go to waste. These are like seeds that we sow, that will one day grow. We may not see the results but we are filled with hope that will always be fruitful several times over. 


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