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Saint on the street

There are many good hearted and saintly people around us. We can even find these saintly people in our own family, in our own village, even on the street among the taxi drivers. 

Most of the time, we are not just aware, and we fail to appreciate simple and sincere actions. We may have negative experiences with taxi drivers, but there are many good-hearted and sincere taxi drivers, too.

Today, Moe Thu, one of my friends from Yangon, shared about his experience. 

Moe Thu said he took a taxi from his apartment home to his office. He was in a hurry, so he accidentally left his bag with his money, cell phone, and other important documents in the vehicle.

He admitted that he was careless. He was sad and felt that he already lost everything. 

In despair, but with some hope, he tried to ring his phone, which was left in the taxi, from a friend's phone. It was answered by the taxi driver. 

The driver said he found the things that were left in the car and these are safe. He said he would deliver it later because he was going to another direction.

My friend was so happy and was jumping like a child. 

After an hour, the taxi driver came and Moe Thu, my friend, offered the taxi driver money as a sign of gratitude. 

But taxi driver declined and only took the exact amount for the fare to bring the things back.

Moe Thu offered the driver dinner, but again he declined and even did not want to have his photo taken. He said he returned the things but these were not his. He said he did not want to be praised or to be famous.

My friend just took the photo of the taxi and shared it on social media.

Indeed, there are many saintly people around us. - Peter KyiMg


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