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Never Enough

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December 9, Friday of the Second Week of Advent
Daily Readings: Is 48:17-19, Ps 1:1-2, 3, 4 and 6, Mt 11:16-19

When we try to do something good, why is it that people always find ways to say something bad about it? Then, because we are easily discouraged, we decide to let things go or to simply stop caring.

In the Gospel, the crowd accused John the Baptist of being possessed by a demon just because he fasted and did not eat the usual food that the people ate back then. Jesus was accused of being friends with sinners. But we know that Jesus went to them because this was what His Father wanted Him to do and for us to do the same: to reach out to those who need His love the most, to encourage them to change for the better, for them to know that there is a second chance.

Remember the Community Pantry which sparked inspiration for people to help during the pandemic? The straightforward project was labeled as being left-leaning. “But wisdom is vindicated by her works (Mt 11:19).” At the end of the day, this simple project was all over the country. Groups and churches set up their own pantries. People were giving what they can share, and for those who were really needy, this saved their families from getting hungry while coping with the pandemic.

Back when there was no public transport because of the lockdown, people who owned vehicles offered free rides to strangers, despite the threat of getting infected with COVID-19. When these went viral, others were inspired to do the same. Those who received help vowed to themselves that they will pay it forward in whatever way they can.

The sinners who were approached by Jesus promised to turn away from their sinful lives and to make it up to those they have wronged.

Why is it that our malicious minds get the better of us instead of realizing the good in all of us? There are just some good deeds that are never enough for some. But for the Lord, it is.

Nowadays, it is not easy to do good and the do the right things, but what is important is that we inspire others and not to put them down. Let us always be comforted with today’s Psalm: “Those who follow you, Lord, will have the light of life.”


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