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Donating blood

Seeing a photo on social media of a man donating blood may lead some people to think that the donor is boasting about what he did.

Throughout my seminary life, I was so proud to see other seminarians donate blood to those in need. I wanted to donate, too. But some of my friends laughed at me. Some discouraged me because they were worried about my health. At that time I was very thin. I looked like a dry garfish.

Donating blood has nothing to do with weight loss. If one’s blood pressure is normal, one can donate. But if I donated blood, I would need to rest for months to get my blood back to normal. I did not dare due to my physical weakness.

It was my life situation throughout my seminary life. I always wanted to donate but I could not.

A few years after becoming a Catholic priest, my body structure was no longer as thin as before, and when the opportunity arose for me to donate blood, I dit it. I will donate if I will have more opportunities.

The life message that I want to give here is that there will be times when you cannot donate although you do want to. But when the time comes to donate, I encourage you to do so. The joy of giving and receiving is indescribable. Those who have donated would have experienced it.

Giving a donation is believed to be a good deed by people of different religions and cultures. Giving a donations is the same common deed in all religions. 

Let's try to work for peace and prosperity in our country by putting differences aside and working on the same common goal. “Religion divides. Charity unites." - Raymond Kyaw Aung

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